Nathaniel Fitzpatrick Market Value and Buyer Willingness

As described by Nathaniel Fitzpatrick, market value is primarily based on what a buyer is willing to offer. Granted, the buyer must be informed and acting to his/her own best interest with the sale price being unaffected by undue stimulus.

Nathaniel Fitzpatrick – A Real Estate Appraiser With Paperless Appraisal Office

Nathaniel Fitzpatrick, a real estate appraiser, is taking notice of an over-used product. In an effort to persuade readers to be more efficient, Nathaniel Fitzpatrick explains his thoughts on paper. Nathaniel Fitzpatrick has a paperless appraisal office with several employees. Nathaniel Fitzpatrick has adapted to change and embraced cutting edge technology that helps reduce and eliminate the need for paper.

It is a 2000 year old invention that is being over-used. It dates back even further as papyrus was used by the Egyptians and Mediterranean inhabitants. Why is paper, invented by the ancient Chinese, being used so much in this new day and age?

Real estate appraisers uses paper to print an engagement letter, tax records and property listings. Paper is used for note taking in the field and printing any email correspondence associated with any particular work file. All documents are stored in a manilla paper folder to be filed in a paper banker box.

Real estate agents use paper to print contracts, have those contracts emailed, signed and printed again. Agents use paper to print pictures for brochures and advertising. Agents too have expansive work files for every property they are associated with. Those work files are again stored in an even larger accordion style paper folder.

Papers relative inexpensive cost and ease of use is the major draw to the vast majority. However the underlying and never ending cost accrue. Expenses such as the printer, toner, maintenance and replacement or leases on commercial machines add up. The time, effort and expense to manage these items can perhaps outweigh the use of paper.

Paper takes up room. A small notepad can be hand written upon and thrown in the recycling bin but reams upon cases of paper in a commercial office space are consuming. The hundreds upon thousands of work files created must be stored in filing cabinets. These cabinets are large, unsightly and awkward. Filing in itself is time consuming and tedious. Most professionals are legally bound to retain work files for 5 years or longer.

So why click print? Save a document to a CD or thumb drive for transport. The document will remain saved on your hard drive which can and should be backed up for additional security and storage retention. For transmission a document can easily be emailed, shared to the cloud or uploaded to a central database.

Real estate appraisers and agents, for many years now, have access and utilize electronic signatures. Appraisers deliver signed reports by PDF, XML or ENV while agents can sign and ratify contracts using digital transaction management services.

This is not an argument for lowering your carbon footprint or hoping that we all save trees. It is simply a point to improve efficiency, speed, save space and organize. Paper will always be used, perhaps we can start using it less.